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Katie Hogan

Personal Brief

Katie is a film blogger, writer and filmmaker

Having been obsessed with film since a young age, Katie went on to study Film and TV production at Hertfordshire University graduating with first class honours and winning The Kubrick Prize for Fiction for her graduate film, Space Detective. She has worked across the film and television industry as a freelancer but settled into administration working for companies as such as Arts Alliance Media and Voltage TV. She recently worked for Creative Skillset as part of the Trainee Finder team, a scheme that aimed to help those starting out in the industry find placements in feature films and high-end TV dramas shooting across the UK.

She has been writing her film centric blog, She Likes Movies, since 2011 and has written for Flamingo Magazine, Curzon Film Blog, collaborates with Park Circus and regularly contributes to VultureHound magazine. Last year Katie participated in Cinema Forever’s programming course where she was part of a group who programmed a film season around the theme of children’s perspective at Deptford Community Cinema.

As well as writing about film, Katie is a filmmaker. Currently in postproduction on a short, Late Nights at the Movies, which she wrote and co-directed.

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