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Dancing Brick: '21:13' at the Camden People’s Theatre

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Time 09:00
Date 27/09/09

22 – 27 Sep. Performed to an innovative original soundtrack by Ross Blake, 21:13 explores the frustration of not being heard or understood and the possiblities of overcoming this through creation.


COMPETITION: 1x Pair of tickets to attend Dancing Brick: '21:13' at the Camden People’s Theatre at 20:00 on Fri, 25th September.

To claim your tickets, send an email with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ box. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: The most popular language is estimated to be spoken by over one billion people. Out of the following, which one is it?

A: 1) English .2) Mandarin .3) Arabic .4) Spanish

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