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Vatican Shadow & Ancient Methods at Corsica Studios

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Time 23:00
Date 19/05/17
Price £17.5

It’s all brutalist drone and blistering noise a underground veteran Vatican Shadow is joined by German techno artist Ancient Methods.

A Dominick Fernow show is always visceral. As Prurient he has created some of the most gut-churningly forceful noise ever committed to record. Vatican Shadow is a different proposition, applying his affronting blast to a dance framework, creating a kind of lo-fi, minimalist industrial techno. He’s found a kindred spirit in Ancient Methods, who has carved out a singular breed of electronic music, dark, gothic and almost punk. Together, they present this collaborative performance – haunting, heady and heavy.

Full line-up:
Vatican Shadow & Ancient Methods
Positive Centre
SØS Gunver Ryberg
Slope Unit
Triangular Shaped

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