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Red Orange presents 'Shirobon' at Kings Place Festival 2011

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Time 19:30
Date 09/09/11
Price £4.5
  • Produced by Red Orange
  • Price £4.50 Online - Click'n'Mix discounts available for Mutliple Bookings
  • Get ready for 8-bit dance floor fillers
  • Bring along your GameBoy T-shirt
  • Surf to book tickets
  • See you at Kings Place

Game Boy technology is enjoying a new wave of popularity – here’s your chance to find out why!

Michael Cordedda, aka Shirobon, discovered chiptunes when he was fifteen. This triggered his love for sound design and the production of electronic music. Now at the age of nineteen his passion is professional sound design, production and performance. Shirobon is currently working on a new release which will express a new side to his music. The new album will retain some old chiptune elements while introducing a whole new exciting sound.

‘This track is a banger, hits hard and can fight its way into the hardest of electro playlists. Just hit play and don't think for a second you are about to hear the music for a Megaman game, you are about to hear some hard electro... that is of course with the right dosage of sick 8-bit leads.’

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