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Gogol Bordello at Electric Brixton

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Time 19:00
Date 16/07/22
Price £47

Join the self-proclaimed gypsy punk rockers for a very special, intimate, and no doubt, riotous gig. On top of that, £5 from each ticket will be donated by the band to the Ukrainian Crisis Response.

From lead singer Eugene Hütz: “London always responded raucously to what we do, perhaps because of its own class struggles,” says frontman Eugene Hütz. “Punk and hardcore is like a cultural-humanitarian corridor between all countries that deals with those issues, and a lot of it developed and grew muscles here. We are always excited to energize that corridor.”

“Since the beginning of invasion, London has been a very central place of support for Ukraine’s Victory – not only with fundraising events, but with every tangible kind of support to bring about Ukraine’s Victory as fast as possible,” he continues. “We appreciate it tremendously.  Much respect for that.”

Bearing witness as his homeland endured the heinous barrage of a violent and deadly invasion from Russia, Eugene recently joined forces with Les Claypool of Primus to collaborate on “Zelensky: The Man With the Iron Balls”, a joint release to rally support for the Ukrainian people. The track also features Stewart Copeland, Sean Lennon, Billy Strings, and fellow Gogol bandmate Sergey Ryabtsev. Proceeds from the sale of the single will be donated to Nova Ukraine, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

In addition, Eugene collaborated with NYC punk stalwart Jesse Malin for a cover of The Pogues’ classic “If I Should Fall From Grace With God”. Released exclusively via Bandcamp, all proceeds for this single will benefit the U.S - Ukraine Foundation, which “supports the development of democracy, a free-market economy and human rights in Ukraine, and the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Ukraine.”

Furthering their support from the Solidaritine Tour, Gogol Bordello have teamed up with Cauze, a modern Donor Advised Fund, who will collect proceeds from the tour to donate to Care.org’s Ukrainian Crisis Response.

Formed in 1999, Gogol Bordello took their style of Eastern European-influenced gypsy punk and doused it deep into the underground rock of New York City. Imminently beginning a U.S tour with the aforementioned European dates to follow, Gogol Bordello have been praised for their recorded material but especially heaped with accolades about their live shows. The Wall Street Journal raved about the band’s live performance saying, “Gogol Bordello mashed punk energy with Eastern European modes for a set that received the wildest reception of any show I saw”, while the LA Times said, “Gogol Bordello celebrates sensuality in both words and raucous, joyful internationalist dance rock” and with Pitchfork proclaiming, “Eugene Hutz and his acoustic guitar slapping (think Les Claypool’s hands, but on a six-string) and waving arms summoned the crowd which quadrupled in size by the set’s fourth song. Festival goers were literally running toward the stage”, this will most definitely be one hell of a show!


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