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Folk and Dagger

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Time 19:30
Date 16/02/11
Price £4

Live night with Kerry Leatham and support acts...

Kerry Leatham & Support


 Little bit of a daydreamer, little bit shy, little bit of a lover of red wine, little bit awkward, not that great at conversation sometimes so story through song works pretty well. Love to live life in my head. .. .. Album is due for release soon titled 'Stories From The Self Obsessed' .. .. Savage Fox records’ co-founder Kwame Kwaten says of Kerry Leatham: “I met her one day in Colchester in a strange pub. What was obvious was she really didn’t like talking at all. She was nervous as hell but when I heard her play guitar and sing.. all that nervousness disappeared.. she has ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is). A beautiful, intelligent, urban-folk thing. Close your eyes, listen and she takes you there..” .. ..


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