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Edition Records Presents 'Dave Stapleton' at Kings Place Festival 2011

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Time 15:00
Date 10/09/11
Price £4.5
  • Produced by Edition Records
  • Price £4.50 Online - Click'n'Mix offers available for Mutliple Bookings
  • Get ready for a sound half-way between Gil Evans / Miles Davis and Arve Henriksen
  • Bring along you Edition Records T-shirt
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  • See you at Kings Place

‘Thoroughly enjoyable, intelligent but lively suite of pieces, each taking its name from a phrase in Julie Tippetts's poem 'Stalking the Vision' The Vortex

Dave Stapleton’s album Catching Sunlight is filled with gorgeous melodies, drenched in lush harmonies and driven by subtle, shifting, exotic rhythms. Commissioned by the Lunar Saxophone Quartet, it was described as ‘simply brilliant, both in execution and conception’, a sound half-way between Gil Evans / Miles Davis and Arve Henriksen. Featuring Neil Yates, one of the purest and most beautiful brass sounds in British jazz as well as Dave Stapleton’s regular rhythm section (Paula Gardiner and Elliot Bennett), the Irish Times acclaim Catching Sunlight as ‘so well conceived that it’s sometimes difficult to separate the written from the improvised’.

Dave Stapleton
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