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Cun$t Rock Revolution at the Purple Turtle

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Time 21:00
Date 14/11/12
Price £10

Punk meets video projections meets performance art meets fashion meets rock and roll meets sexy bitches meets feminist accents and political musings. We're aroused.

'The Femme Fatale of the NY underground' – Rolling Stone 2003 – saw The Countess win UK Designer Magazine's 'Woman of the Year' for her art band project Countess and The C.R.R. ('t U.nderstand N.ormal T.hinking Rock Revolution). Now in London.

With the slogan 'Housewives are the new rock stars', the Countess obtained a divorce from her husband in favour of the freedom to re-invent herself. She moved to New York in 2004, acting on personal advice given to her by the late blues legend Jonny Johnson, to 'paint herself on the biggest canvas of all... the Big Apple’. Within months, she secured a packed residency at The Pink Pony on Ludlow Street, and it was here that she established her reputation as 'Queen of Underground' and 'New York's Downtown Queen' (as described by social diarist Patrick McMullen).

With a band led by keyboard maestro, composer and producer Brian Jackson (Gil Scott Heron), Knox Chandler (The Creatures, Cindy Lauper, Depeche Mode etc) and various accomplished jazz musicians, an array of stunning females were invited to quickly master musical instruments and join the performances.

The exciting musical and visual results gained major fans amongst the art, music and film world elite: Michel Gondry, interpol, Peter Beard , Steve Barron, artist Cristo and his (late) wife Jean Claude and movie star Rachel Weisz.

Now in London with a brand new line up, CUN$T ROCK REVOLUTION is set to blow up the stage at the Purple Turtle in Camden.  

Wednesday 14th November will be a night to remember.  

‘Growing into a downtown legend, the first show in years that is genuinely underground and set to be a mainstream sensation’ – New York Magazine

‘A living work of art’ – Photographic artist Peter Beard

‘Nothing short of a phenomenon, a superstar with the performance art of Fellini and Jonny Rotten, and the voice of a female Freddie Mercury’ – Down Town Magazine

‘The Countess and the Cun$t Rock Revolution were the original that everyone ripped off, how many of these shows did Lady GAGA see? Everyone cool in New York used to go see her. The Countess used to come on stage naked, singing opera on a crucifix or a skateboard with ever changing mad platinum braided Mohawks like seven years ago. INSANE’ – Clayton Patterson

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