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Christeene at The Dome

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Time 19:00
Date 06/09/18
Price £15

Christeene is a queen with a difference. The self-described "drag terrorist" is a “gender-blending, booty-pounding, perversion of punk” and now she has a filthy new album to share with you all!

She may have been born in the dirt but Christeene has risen above the human realm of fear, shame, and all things sanitized with brand new full-length album Basura, (which was out in May) an unapologetically queer, visceral, dynamic album that shows us what it truly means to go hard in the face of those who seek to destroy you.

In the words of Dazed, Christeene is "our generation’s Divine. Her unapologetic transgressions and outrageous music are what’s required to wake us up to battle the horrors and injustices that we now face. She’s a sexual pioneer, unashamedly carnal in her signature look – smeared lipstick and a dishevelled wig." Count us very much in!

Psst... We... Well... Ben Walters did an interview with Christeene a while back. You can check it here!

CHRISTEENE "Tears From My Pussy" from PJ Raval on Vimeo.