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The Boatshed On The River #3

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Time 15:00
Date 02/08/14
Price £11

A day long waterside mini festival of inspiring new bands, hosted by The Boatshed

The Boatshed started as a music blog with the aim to write about music that the contributors loved and, to share that passion with others. Their belief in the bands that they were writing about was too much to keep to the blog-sphere and so, they soon started putting on shows with some of those bands– as well as publishing articles on exciting new music, interviewing bands and making beautiful videos of bands in interesting places. 


Over the Summer The Boatshed is putting on some all-day summer events on Saturday's. at their riverside venue in Hammersmith. Running these day-long mini-festivals is a brilliant opportunity to showcase the best of the bands that The Boatshed works with, alongside what they judge to be the most exciting bands rising up at the moment.  


The next event is on August 2nd at Auriol Kensington Rowing Club. A fantastic line up of live bands including: Count Drachma, Sweet William, the May Birds, I Said Yes, The Bonfires & Winterhours and Wild Swim, will be playing from 3pm to past midnight.


There's plenty to sustain you throughout this mini marathon of audio delight, with a well stocked bar and a sizzling barbecue to keep you merry and energised. Not only that, but there's a pretty incredible roof terrace view of the Thames as a backdrop to the day's festivities. 


So...get a group together, slip on your summer dresses and get ready to indulge in some of the best live music of the Summer, from some of the most promising and inspiring bands and musicians around.  


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