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Zodiac Film Club / Jamie Babbit: But I'm a Cheerleader at The Castle Cinema

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Time 18:45
Date 19/03/19
Price £10

Jamie Babbit’s cult queer flick follows high-school cheerleader, Megan, who is sent to reparative therapy camp when her parents suspect that she is gay.

When her vegetarianism and Melissa Etheridge fandom lead her parents to suspect she’s a lesbian, cheerleader Megan (Natasha Lyonne) finds herself enrolled for the summer at True Directions - a gay ‘rehabilitation’ camp.

Babbit used satirical silliness, a sick, saturated aesthetic and a cameo from Ru Paul to poke fun at the supremely unfunny world of gay conversion therapy more than a decade before other filmmakers began looking at the issue. The critics hated it but in recent years it’s become a latent hit and a Zodiac favourite.