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Women & Cocaine Presents: Paid (1930) at The Cinema Museum

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Time 19:30
Date 12/04/19
Price £10.02

In the month of April, Women & Cocaine is celebrating Joan Crawford – the ultimate movie star, with a screening of the gritty 1930s drama, Paid.

Crawford came from absolute poverty, cleaning for her keep at the boarding schools her mother forced her into, she channeled this hardship into strength and determination to build her way up to become the Queen of Hollywood… Stardom it seems, was her birthright.

Paid (1930) stars Crawford in this gritty drama as Mary Turner, a woman accused by her boss of stealing and jailed for a crime she didn’t commit, and after a long spell in prison she’s released, and seeking revenge on those that put her away.

Whilst she was in jail, Mary made friends with some crooks who she reconnects with on the outside, and tries to convince the gang that they can cheat people within the law. She also manages to get sweet revenge on her boss when she secretly marries his son, telling him “Four years ago you took my name and replaced it with a number; now I’ve taken that number and replaced it with your name.” SAVAGE!

It’s not long until the police are on her back, the gang gets greedy and falls for a set up; the cops want to catch them all, especially Mary.