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Women & Cocaine / Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest / Rouben Mamoulian: Queen Christina at The Cinema Museum

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Time 19:30
Date 18/07/19
Price £9.9

Described as the era’s most sophisticated examination of gender and identity, join Women & Cocaine and Fringe! as they bring you Mamoulian's Queer Pre Code cinema classic starring Greta Garbo.

Garbo’s masterpiece sees her play the bisexual Swedish monarch who was raised from birth as a boy. She hunts, she rides, she wears men’s clothes and kisses her lady in waiting. Referring to herself a King Christina, with her masculine gait and mannerisms, the Monarch is constantly mistaken for a male.

Bisexual Garbo was given creative control over the film, and it shows. She teases the audience and pushes the boundaries of gender, but heavy is the head that wears a crown and when she utters her most famous line “I shall die a bachelor” her earthy sexuality amidst the world of everyday human emotion and passion holds out the possibility of transcendence to the audience. The film celebrates true love, in all its forms.

There will also be a pre-screening introduction to the film and performance by NYC drag performer, DJ and music producer DreamBoi. DreamBoi was nominated for DJ on the rise at the 2019 Brooklyn Nightlife Awards and are a featured performer at the 2019 Bushwig International Drag Festival in Berlin.