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Underwire Film Festival: Walking Home Along at Night at Prince Charles Cinema

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Time 20:45
Date 24/11/17
Price £10

A collection of short films of late-night terrors, paranoia, nightmares and twisted love affairs, as part of Underwire Festival 2017.

Women often play victims in horror. But not tonight! Expect these short films will stay with you for days

Blood Shed - Nominated for: Producing Award – Cat Davies

Jack loves a bargain. And he loves sheds. When he buys suspiciously cheap second-hand parts to build his very own dream shed, he and long-suffering wife Helen find they’ve got more than they bargained for: a killer shed with an appetite for blood. As the body count rises, and the shed’s ferocious appetite grows, Jack is faced with a horrifying dilemma. A comedy horror about a man’s twisted love for his shed… that eats people.

The Penny Dropped - Nominated for: Cinematography Award – Candida Richardson

A desperate woman seeks help from an unlikely source in a dark place. Neither of them realise that their futures will be decided by the flip of a coin.

Katie - Nominated for: Production Design Award  – Simona Cucinella

Katie has spent the past 12 years of her life in a coma. After numerous glimmers of hope, the decision has finally been made to take her off life support. Katie is awoken when the sound of her crying mother seeps into her sub-conscience. Unable to communicate, Katie must find another way of returning to her before it’s too late.

Kiss The Devil - Nominated for: Cinematography Award – Rachel Wood

When a manuscript editor begins her darkest project yet, it seems to take on a life of its own. Struggling to maintain the affection and support of her husband, emotions that were once suppressed break out in dangerous ways.

Don't Think of a Pink Elephant - Nominated for: Animation Award – Suraya Raj
and Cinematography Award – Anna L Macdonald

We’ve all had thoughts of what might happen should we jump from a high place, drop the baby, or stab someone with a fork. Usually we can dismiss them without a care – but what if we couldn’t? Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant enters the world of a teenage girl fighting daily against compulsive thoughts and urges. Layla is terrified by her potential to do harm, until challenged to face her darkest fears.

The Visitor - Nominated for: Editing Award – Samantha Rhodes and Jojo Erholtz

On the way home from her friend’s party, Anna gets a surprise visitor.

Layers of Fear - Nominated for: Animation Award – Hsin-Ying Liu

Layers of fear is a short animation that explores the boundary between real world and dreams in the mind of a child as he’s experiencing a typical childhood trauma and how his dreams are influenced by it.

Pulse - Nominated for: Composing Award – Becki Pantling

A married man looking for an online tryst finds that someone is always watching, in this supernatural morality tale.

Dead.Tissue.Love - Nominated for: Directing Award – Natasha Austin-Green

An intimate experimental documentary exploring and examining the individual character of a female necrophiliac, as she journeys and recounts her life experiences, sexual awakening and how she expresses her sexuality, whilst hiding it from a society that puts a demonised face on a human figure.

The Man up the Stairs - Nominated for: Production Design Award – Billie Appleton

After many months of loneliness, Julia decides to rent out her fiance’s old room. Her advertisement eventually grabs the interest of Oliver, a young writer. Charming, kind, and handsome, Oliver seems like the perfect tenant- but there’s one problem- he looks exactly like Julia’s ex-fiance.