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The Slumber Party Massacre at BFI Southbank

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Time 18:20
Date 21/07/17
Price £12.1
  • Produced by BFI Southbank
  • Price £8.80 - £12.10
  • Get ready for spooks in the night
  • Bring along your love for cult film classics
  • See you at BFI Southbank

An all-girl slumber party gets an unexpected guest…

When Trish (Michaels) decides to invite her friends over for a slumber party, she has no idea the night is going to end with an unexpected guest – an escaped mental patient with a power drill. Originally intended as a slasher parody, Amy Holden Jones’ 80s cult classic challenges the audience to consider what the pervasive male gaze does for women in horror film.

+ discussion with programmer Michael Blyth and Olivia Howe and Anna Bogutskaya of The Final Girls and more guests tba