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Sci-fi Sundays: Warning from Space (U) at Barbican

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Time 16:00
Date 20/08/17
Price £10.5
  • Produced by Barbican
  • Price Standard £10.50 Members £8.60 Concessions £9.50 Young Barbican £5
  • Get ready for an original sci-fi refresher
  • Bring along surrel cinema fans
  • See you at Barbican

Part of the wave of monster films produced in Japan after the success of Godzilla, Warning from Space is a brilliantly weird piece of vintage Japanese sci-fi.

The film opens with a group of bizarre, starfish-shaped aliens discussing how to warn humans about impending disaster – a rogue planet is hurtling towards earth. Meanwhile, a physician Dr Matsuda works on a nuclear formula – a formula that could create the device required to stop the rogue planet from colliding with the world.

One of the films that inspired Stanley Kubrick in his creation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Warning from Space is a classic example of tokusatsu cinema, a special effects heavy subgenre of Japanese film.

1956 Japan Dir Koji Shima 87 min