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Romantic Matinee

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Time 15:00
Date 21/01/23
Price £14
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  • Get ready for all the feels
  • Bring along the love of your life
  • See you at Curzon Soho

Stories that explore heart-wrenching, obsessive, and occasionally kinky moments of intimacy in all its forms; euphoric relationships, misguided longing & stubborn life-long compatibility.

Flirtatious and daring, these narratives offer so much more than the conformist love stories we’ve all seen before, instead taking us on a pleasurable exploration from a London sex dungeon to a Canadian motel.

With tender moments, dating mishaps and life-defining platonic bonds, these bold films bring an original and comedic edge to the romance genre (no Hallmark Christmas tropes here). Sam Baron returns to LSFF with ‘Big Ears’, alongside Jessica Henwick’s directorial debut, ‘Bus Girl’.

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