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LSFF: Midnight Movies

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Time 23:30
Date 27/01/23
Price £13.5
  • Price 10.50-13.50
  • Get ready horror on a whole new scale
  • Bring along a stress ball
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  • See you at Rio Cinema

In LSFF tradition, this year’s programme doesn't shy away from the gore, the macabre, or the ludicrous.

Join us to discover the psychedelic mind of an elderly woman on her search for liberation, to the dark and stillness nights where killers and missing teeth lurk. Maybe you’ll find love there? Or perhaps be drawn in by the dangerously alluring sounds of childhood and the echoes of school corridors?

When family reunions are filled with terror and frightening creatures devour your hair, there really is no place like home. But watch your step, you might find yourself meeting Ruwan Heggelman’s legion of killer gnomes, who are out for green-fingered revenge. Umloda Ibrahim.

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