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The London International Animation Festival / Clyde Petersen: Torrey Pines at The Horse Hospital

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Time 21:15
Date 08/12/17
Price £7

A stop-motion animated feature film, based on director Clyde Petersen's life. Expect a queer punk coming-of-age tale, taking place in Southern California in the early 1990’s

Raised by a schizophrenic single mother, Petersen’s life story unfolds in a series of baffling and hallucinated events. With a mother fueled by hallucinations of political conspiracy and family dysfunction, 12-year-old Petersen is taken on a cross-country adventure that will forever alter the family as they know it.

Join Petersen as he takes you back to a time when MTV shaped teenage minds and a generation of nerds strengthening their thumbs on a Nintendo controller. Put on your swim trunks, grab your boogie board and come enjoy the view at Torrey Pines.

Clyde Petersen is a Seattle based artist, working in film, animation, music, installation and fabulous spectacle. He is a member of the transgender and queer communities in Seattle. He travels the world with his punk band Your Heart Breaks and hosts the Internet film series Boating with Clyde in a small handmade boat in the Washington Park Arboretum. His work has been featured around the world. Clyde likes punk rock and two-stepping to live country music. He is a night owl and does not wish to ever wake before noon, or before the mail arrives.