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LOCO London Comedy Film Festival presents the UK Premiere of Jon Ronson's THE DOG THROWER

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Time 19:30
Date 22/03/14
Price £15

The UK Premiere of this brand new short comedy silent film.

We have always had heroes and villains. But in the age of Buzzfeed, Twitter and Upworthy, the journey from idol to pariah, from anonymity to notoriety and from hopeful to has-been has never been been quicker, or more capricious. On Saturday 22nd March writer and film-maker Jon Ronson will explore the strange world of public shame, the subject of his next book, with LOCO London.

The evening includes the World Premiere of The Dog Thrower, a half hour silent comedy written and directed by Jon Ronson and starring Matthew PerryTim Key and Kimberley Nixon. The Dog Thrower also has an original score byBelle and Sebastian. The Dog Thrower is a Runaway Fridge Television production for Sky Arts.

Jonah is a nervous young man and a big dog lover. One day in the park he sees a Charismatic Man throw his dog in the air to the crowd's enchantment. So Jonah, wanting to be popular, starts to throw his dog in the air too. The crowd are enraptured by these local dog throwing celebrities, until a journalist declares dog-throwing animal cruelty and Jonah and the Charismatic Man become hunted fugitives.

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