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Kevin Jerome Everson: 'Richland Blue' at Tate Modern

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Time 19:00
Date 29/09/17
Price £8
  • Produced by Tate Modern
  • Price £8
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Catch exclusive previews of Everson's two new films, followed by a conversation between the artist and Kodwo Eshun.

The Kevin Jerome Everson film series opens with previews of the artist's most recent works, Round Seven and Rhino, presented ahead of their 2018 premieres. Both films use re-enactment as a device to revisit historical moments in the lives of figures of African descent – the former re-staging a 1978 boxing match and the latter imagining the final days of a sixteenth-century Italian Duke. The films are paired with the recently completed IFO, which, together with Round Seven, forms part of a body of work Everson is currently making about people, objects or elements from his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, that have been represented in television, film or other popular media.

Rhino marks a departure from the local focus of the previous two works, taking us to Florence circa 1530s to explore the days leading up to the assassination of Alessandro de’ Medici, a duke born to an African servant in the Medici household. Picking up on Everson’s 2012 short film Rhinoceros, the film broadens the scope of the artist’s look at the movement and backstories of people of African descent.

The screening is followed by a conversation between Everson and artist, curator and writer Kodwo Eshun, co-founder of the Otolith Group.


Round Seven United States 2018, 16mm transferred to digital, colour, sound, c. 20 min Round Seven centres on mysterious occurrences in and around the city of Mansfield including UFO sightings, the closing of Mansfield Tire and the famous 1978 boxing match between Sugar Ray Leonard and local prizefighter Art McKnight.

IFO United States 2017, 16mm transferred to digital, black and white, sound, 10 min Historic UFO sightings over Mansfield are evoked through memory, report and gesture.

Rhino United States 2018, HD, colour, sound, c. 30 min, Italian and French with English subtitles An enactment of the last days of Alessandro de’ Medici, who was named the first Duke of Florence in 1532. De Medici was assassinated by his cousin Lorenzino five years into his rule.