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Jonathan Meades: 'Ape Forgets Medication' at the Genesis Cinema

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Time 21:00
Date 17/07/17
Price Free
  • Produced by Genesis Cinema
  • Price Free
  • Get ready for sensory explosions
  • Bring along your experience of Jonathan Meades's restrospective at Whitechapel Gallery (until June 20th)
  • See you at Genesis Cinema

An abstract art house film indulging the work of Jonathan Meades. He combines contradictory elements, he fuses opposing idioms, he conjures a rapprochement between his antagonistic precursors. Enjoy!

Treyfs? Artknacks?

Treyf's literal meaning is that which is not kosher. Figuratively it signifies impurity - and Meades's work in every medium is deliberately impure. The title of his box of postcards Pidgin Snaps was explicit.

'Does he want to be Geoffrey Hill or Benny Hill?'

'He wants to be both - at the same time.'

Artknack evidently suggests: art; nicknack - a probably worthless trinket; knack - a tricksy, meretricious facility; arnaque - French for a con, a scam.

Meades's methods are several and rigorously inauthentic. Painting with numerous tools, froissage, hyper-realist photography, digital manipulation, collage and, above all, chance. When a work is begun there is seldom any conception of where it will lead: the aleatory is all.

The works range from the stubbornly monochrome to the tartily gaudy, from myth to abstraction, from the gutter to the dodgily numinous, from domestic proportions to XXXXXL.