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Frames of Representation: Kings of Nowhere plus Q&A at ICA London

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Time 18:30
Date 24/04/16
Price £9
  • Produced by Frames of Representation
  • Price £9 concession, £12 standard
  • Get ready for an immersive vision of a submerged Mexican village
  • Bring along questions for the filmmaker who will take part in a Q&A via Skype at the end of the screening
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  • See you at ICA

Betzabé García’s 2015 debut follows three families living in a village partially submerged by water in Northwestern Mexico.

Pani and Paula do not want to close their tortilleria and spend their spare time rescuing the town from ruins; Miro and his parents dream of leaving but can’t; Yoya and Jaimito live in fear but have everything they need.

With a delicate, unobtrusive approach, the families navigate their daily lives through the melancholy of a place that is slowly disappearing.