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Film4 Summer Screen: 'Kubrick's Paths of Glory' at Somerset House

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Time 10:15
Date 04/08/10

One of the highlights of the Summer Screen, come and marvel at 'Paths of Glory' in all its Kubrick-esque glory at the gorgeous Somerset House.

Adapted from Humphrey Cobb's based-on-fact novel, this is the bitterly ironic WWI story of a botched French attack motivated purely by the gains it will bring to high-up officers safely ensconced far from the front. In return for a promised promotion, General Mireau, charges his troops with the impossible task of storming Ant Hill, an impregnable German position. The attack is led by Colonel Dax (Douglas), who dutifully leads his men into the German guns. Not surprisingly, the film was banned in France for 18 years after its release, but Kubrick's skilful blending of form and content mark him out as a master of cinema.

Also worth heading down early for is the pre-screening 'Behind the Screen' chat at 7 (a mere £5). From Jack Nicholson’s face through the bathroom door in 'The Shining' and The War Room scenes in 'Dr. Strangelove', to the airplane scenes in '2001: A Space Odyssey' Stanley Kubrick’s camera has provided some of cinemas most memorable images. Join Kubrick’s producer Jan Harlan ('The Shining', 'Eyes Wide Shut') and friends to take a look at some of Kubrick’s most iconic and unforgettable images.


COMPETITION: 1x pair of tickets to attend Kubrick's 'Paths of Glory' at Somerset House at 21.15 on Wednesday the 4th of August.

To claim your tickets, send an email with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ box. The winner will be randomly selected.

Which PM praised Kubrick's 'Paths of Glory' for its realism?

A: 1). Tony Blair 2). Edward Heath 3). Margaret Thatcher 4). Winston Churchill

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