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Falling Freetown + Urban Nomads – Cities, Tension and Urban Planning at the Frontline Club

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Time 19:00
Date 22/05/18
Price £12.5

An evening of film screenings and discussions exploring rapid urban growth, climate change, natural disasters to mass migration, urban sprawl and the lack of affordable housing.

Our planet is going through the most rapid phase of urbanization in its history. Already more than half of humanity lives in urban areas. By 2050, that number will be closer to two thirds. Ninety 90 percent of this increase is expected to happen in Asia and Africa.

During the evening of film screenings and discussion, explore these tensions and what solutions can be found to make cities places that leave no one behind and that are a joy to live in for everyone.

The evening will begin with the screening of two recent films made by PLACE, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s website covering land and property rights stories around the world.

Film 1 – Falling Freetown
“Falling Freetown” looks at Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone in the wake of last year’s landslide that claimed the lives of about 1,000 people, a disaster many said was waiting to happen due to poor urban planning combined with rapid migration, deforestation, and freak weather events linked to climate change.

Film 2 – Urban Nomads
“Urban Nomads” looks at the challenges facing Mongolia’s herding community and the mass migration from rural areas into the capital Ulaanbaatar as climate change and socio-economic changes force people into the city.

A panel discussion with urban experts will explore the themes raised in the films and discuss solutions that turn these challenges into opportunities for cities. The filmmakers will also be available to answer questions.

Astrid Zweynert  is an award-winning journalist, editor of PLACE and social media specialist.

Anna Locke – Head of Programme of Agricultural Development and Policy at ODI (The Overseas Development Institute).

Charles Landry is an author, speaker and international adviser on the future of cities. He is best known for popularising the Creative City concept.