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Cori Wapnowski: Bruk Out! A Dancehall Queen Documentary at Screen25

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Time 19:45
Date 07/03/18
Price £8.5

Get ready for International Women’s Day with a fearless documentary exploring the raw and energic world of Jamaican Dancehall culture, seen through the eyes of the women at its very heart.

Bruk Out! follows six of the boldest and bravest Dancehall Queens from around the world: Japan, Italy, America, Poland, Spain, and of course, Jamaica, as they prepare to battle for the biggest trophy in all of Dancehall. Combining explosive underground dance visuals with emotionally intimate scenes, the film is a never-before-seen window into the life of the Dancehall Queen.

Filmmaker Cori Wapnowska spent two years uncovering the struggles the Queens face around body issues, poverty, family problems, and domestic abuse. The dancers bare their skin and their souls to dispel myths about this hyper-sexual dance, explaining why it brings them pure joy, sense of self, and the strength to overcome. Often criticized as lewd and aggressively sexual, these daring performers turned Jamaican street dance into a massive global phenomenon.