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Close-Up Cinema Year 3 at Close-Up Film Centre

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Time 19:30
Date 06/07/18
Price £10
  • Produced by Close-Up
  • Price £10 standard, £8 concessions, £6 Close-up members
  • Get ready for Close-Up cinema's third birthday.
  • Bring along party poppers.
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To celebrate the third anniversary of the cinema, Close-up present the launch of Schtinter’s Liberated Film Club scratch card book and a screening of Abbas Kiarostami’s radical masterpiece Close-Up.

Running from: Fri 06 - Sat 07 Jul.

Curated by Schtinter, all of the films in the season are part of his Liberated Film archive, an astonishing collection uncovering the hidden gems of international cinema.

FRIDAY 06, 19:30
Programme 1: The Liberated Film Club

A produced anti-curation by "keeper of the sacred flame" Stanley Schtinter, celebrating the third birthday of Close-Up Cinema and launching the first book of Liberated Film scratch cards. In association with Hotel magazine.

Slow Delay, Therese Henningsen, 2018, 16min, Colour, Digital
Cancelled, Samira Elagoz, 2016, 2.30 min, Colour, Digital
Last Fucking Rave, Adam Christensen, 2015, 11.54 min, Colour, Digital
Fragments, Museum Of Loneliness, 2010, 15 min, Colour, Digital
Flood / 17:17 / Widows, Susu Laroche, 2017, B/W, Digital
The Lost Princess, Margarita Athanasiou, 2018, 11 min, Colour, Digital
Happy Happy Baby, Jan Soldat, 2017, 20 min, Colour, Digital

YouTube abeyances between films by Dan Walwin.


Programme 2: Close-Up

Abbas Kiarostami’s fiction-documentary hybrid, Close-Up, uses a sensational real-life event as the basis for a stunning, multilayered investigation into movies, identity, artistic creation, and existence, in which the real people from the case play themselves. Screened here with Nanni Moretti’s short film – shot at his cinema in Rome – capturing a series of moments before the premiere of Close-Up.

Opening Day of Close-Up, Nanni Moretti, 1996, 7 min, Colour, Digital
Close-Up, Abbas Kiarostami, 1990, 98 min, Colour, Digital