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Amanda Sthers: Madame at Institut Français

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Time 16:00
Date 20/07/18
Price £9

Toni Collette, Rossy de Palma and Harvey Keitel star in Amanda Sthers' Cinderella-like comedy about a fancy dinner party that results in unforeseen complications and love.

Dates and Times: Fri 20 Jul, 16:00, Sat 21 Jul, 14:00, Tue 24 Jul, 20:50 & Thu 26 Jul 18:30.

Anne (Collette) and Bob (Keitel), a wealthy American couple who have recently settled in Paris, prepare to host a fancy dinner to which a select list of twelve people from the high society have been invited. But when Anne realises that a thirteenth seat is set for Steven, Bob’s son from his first marriage, she asks Maria (de Palma), her maid, to put on a dress and to pretend to be a rich Spanish friend. Sitting next to her, David, an art expert from the British aristocracy, flirts with Maria who can’t reveal her true identity… a vaudeville ensues.