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1-800-HOT-DUCK Video Night!

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Time 19:00
Date 06/05/23
Price £7
  • Price £7-10
  • Get ready to see things you can never unsee
  • Bring along tons of curiousity
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  • See you at Horse Hospital

An evening of decrepit media from the never-ending archive of the notorious 1-800-HOT-DUCK.

The vast found footage library is culled from the depths of the internet, abandoned Youtube channels, strange downloads on the darkest parts of the web, videos shared and stolen and reproduced within an inch of their life. Some of the hottest 1-800-HOT-DUCK finds include 1980’s homemade horror films from deranged teenagers, lost TV from around the globe, and rare experimental video by everyone from Johanna Went to Cecelia Condit.

1-800-HOT-DUCK is the brainchild of Chrissy Marie Jones, a native Philadelphian and video artist. Catch her collaborations with Everything is Terrible! and occasional curation and hosting duties with Cathode Tv.

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