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Siobhan Davies Dance: An Anniversary Weekend of Performances at Siobhan Davies Studies

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Time 15:00
Date 09/04/16
Price Free

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Siobhan Davies Studios are presenting two durational performance works from the Siobhan Davies archive; ‘Table of Contents’ and ‘It is Madness. It is Beauty’.

Table of Contents (2014)

Table of Contents is a durational movement installation co-created by Siobhan Davies, Andrea Buckley, Helka Kaski, Rachel Krische, Charlie Morrissey and Matthias Sperling, each using their own history as a choreographer and performer to question how dance is archived. Resembling a form of movement laboratory, a series of evolving choreographic situations take place in a shared space between performers and audiences. The work consists of individual sections created by the performers that are shown in sequences gently overlapping each other. Using the archive of Siobhan Davies Dance as an initial starting point, the artists delve into material from their past using choreography and verbal commentary.

Is It Madness. Is It Beauty (2010)

Clare Twomey's Is It Madness. Is It Beauty is a performance work originally commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance as part of ROTOR (2010) and performed by Sarah Warsop and Marina Collard. Communicating ideas about the futility of human action, Twomey responded to the repetitive actions of dancers in The Score (2010), to create a performance piece that involves the continual filling and re-filling of a number of unfired ceramic bowls with water which eventually collapse.

9 & 10 April

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