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Scottee & Friends Ltd: Fat Blokes at The Place

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Time 18:30
Date 28/04/22
Price £17
  • Produced by Scottee
  • Price £17 | £13 concessions
  • Get ready for the hokey cokey.
  • Bring along your proud double chin.
  • Surf to buy tickets.
  • See you at The Place

Join the fat rebellion with Fat Blokes; the cult, award winning, sell out, sort of dance show about trying to fit into a world that says you’re too fat.

Made by five fat friends who have never done this sort of thing before, in collaboration with Lea Anderson, Fat Blokes subjects you to their pent up aggression, flab, double chins, getting your kit off in public, why they feel they are never sexy but are always funny, always the ‘before’ but never the ‘after’ shot, plus their love for riot grrrl and their ability to burp on command.

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