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Resolution 2018: Living Room Circus / Retrospect Dance Theatre / Jade Hackett at The Place

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Time 20:00
Date 17/02/18
Price £16

An evening of experimental, theatrical and satirical performances from the surreal Living Room Circus, emerging company Retrospect Dance Theatre and East London choreographer Jade Hackett.

Living Room Circus: The Penguin & I

Connection, trust and courage collide in Living Room Circus’ latest show. Using acrobatics, aerials, and an obnoxious penguin to tell a story of a morning after the night before.

Living Room Circus is an experimental circus company, creating and performing intimate and immersive shows. They devise and develop their blend of circus, dance, live music, physical theatre and live art.

Retrospect Dance Theatre: In Light of Those You Love

Shedding some light on dark matters of the heart, you will meet Katherine and Tom, a couple broken by society, thieving off insanity. Do you know the definition of insanity?

Retrospect Dance Theatre is an emerging company the aims to give a new theatrical experience with its emotional immersive work. The company has developed a choreographic process built on ‘method acting’ techniques to produce work that is real, relevant, relatable and honest. In Light of Those You Love is the companies first work.

Jade Hackett: The Duke Joint

The Duke Joint discusses the slave trade from a different angle. A comical story about family, love and the resilience of the black culture in the face of adversity.

Jade Hackett presents her satirical hip hop theatre production of The Duke Joint. A story of a surrogate family of four sold into slavery living on a plantation. Although this was historically a turbulent time in our history, this production is aiming to show the strength that has birthed the black familial community in the face of such adversity.

Jade Hackett is a female choreographer from East London exploring the black diaspora when her body of work that aims to challenge the stereotype of the black community and the politics that surrounds it.

Living Room Circus - Duck Rabbit Penguin from Living Room Circus on Vimeo.

RSDT: 'In Light of Those You Love Trailer' (1080p HD) from Retrospect Dance Theatre on Vimeo.