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Normal Conditions / Nicola Conibere — Carareretetatakakekerers at Lilian Baylis Studio

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Time 20:00
Date 14/10/21
Price £17

Taking events like contagious laughter or ideas of idleness as choreographic proposals, Carareretetatakakekerers embraces notions of interdependence.

14 & 15 October 2021

You laughed so hard I couldn’t contain myself.

This Autumn, Normal Conditions / Nicola Conibere make their Lilian Baylis Studio debut. Carareretetatakakekerers asks when and why bodies are thought to exceed themselves; to spill over with actions, textures, words; to move beyond their position, above their station. To affect others. It asks what dreamy futures or planes of relation are possible when we recognise that we hold each other up. After all, self-reliance can be so austere.

We’ll spend energy on getting nowhere, dancing against the music and tripping ourselves up. We’ll take it slow when we try to find our place and need some care in the process. We’ll channel all the trainings our bodies hold and see what happens. We might do it all at the same time. You’re welcome to watch.

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