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NEUROLIVE: Detective Work at Siobhan Davies Studios

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Time 19:30
Date 11/11/21
Price £10

Detective Work, a new duet created by Seke Chimutengwende in collaboration with Steph McMann asks 'what sets live experiences apart from recorded, streamed or simulated ones?'

11 - 13 November 2021

The performance is a web of fragmented scenes and dances that occur and reoccur in ever-changing permutations. Working in counterpoint to one another, the performers come at the material from every angle, rearranging the evidence in different configurations.

Detective Work channels the relationship between mystery and multiplicity – the sense that there are many possible outcomes to any single process. Shifting between the absurd, the melancholic and the uncanny, the show invites us into a place of constant questioning that ultimately feels hopeful. In this moment of great uncertainty, Detective Work looks to mystery as an antidote to despair.

NEUROLIVE is a 5-year interdisciplinary research project bringing artists, scientists and audiences together to study what makes live experiences special. Detective Work is the first live performance created as part of this research.

​​The performances of Detective Work are both artistic events and a scientific research process. You are invited to participate in one of two different ways:

Performance Ticket only
Book this ticket if you would like to attend the performance without wearing measurement devices.
You will be invited to contribute to the research by completing questionnaires before and after the performance.
Please arrive by 7pm. The performance and questionnaires will end at approximately 9pm.  

Performance Ticket + EEG Participation
Book this ticket if you would like to contribute to NEUROLIVE’s research by wearing measurement devices throughout the performance.

We have capacity to fit just over half of the audience with mobile electroencephalography (EEG) devices for each performance. Recording this number of EEGs at one time during a live performance will be a world first, which your participation will directly contribute to.

What does EEG Participation involve?
You will contribute to the research by wearing an EEG device which measures brain activity, and a breath band which measures breathing. You will also be invited to complete questionnaires before and after the performance.

The video below shows you what EEG Participation looks like. Please also download an info sheet here for further information.

Please book a time slot to arrive at 6pm, 6:30pm or 7pm, to be set up with the devices. The performance will be followed by some additional measurements and removal of the devices, finishing at approximately 9pm.

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