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Lay Down Your Burdens: Rhiannon Faith Company

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Time 19:45
Date 21/11/23
Price £18
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  • Get ready for pints with flair
  • Bring along community spirit
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Restore your weary soul with this radically tender and immersive dance theatre premiere that invites you to explore the beauty of humanity and the eternal need for community and compassion.

Step into an evening at the local pub, like no other. Every night the same landlady, the same regulars, the same shots, until suddenly a stranger gets blown in from the cold.

With extraordinary physical performance, brave testimonials, live music and riotous pub games, this visceral dance theatre world draws together those who have been estranged or never even dreamed they were connected. Set in a pub on-stage, you're invited to join in with the proceedings. 

Choreographer Rhiannon Faith makes socially conscious work that raises awareness and lobbies for change. Lay Down Your Burdens was grown out of conversations with communities, and developed from real-life experiences of the company. Their work gives you space to consider the meaning and importance of community.

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