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Home X by Kakilang

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Time 19:30
Date 25/02/23
Price £16

Dance performance meets cutting edge technology in this live show that combines theatre, music, gaming and VR technology created with artists in London and Hong Kong.

Mythological and yet futuristic at the same time, HOME X is a visually stunning virtual world that connects performers in Hong Kong and London in real-time using depth-sensing cameras that capture 3D video.

Exploring themes of roots and belonging, destruction and renewal, this ground-breaking experimental show features live music, dance and moving real-life experiences of home and migration. Discover a virtual land inhabited by magical creatures through an impressive 270-degree projection.

With an original score of live electronic music by An-Ting 安婷  in the UK and opera singer Colette Lam performing soprano in Hong Kong; live break dance by choreographers Si Rawlinson in the UK and Suen Nam in Hong Kong.

Kakilang (formerly Chinese Arts Now) are an award-winning organisation who produce work platforming East and Southeast Asian artists.

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