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Grin at Battersea Arts Centre

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Time 19:30
Date 27/05/22
Price £16

Bodies, costumes, a pulsating score, community, friendship and support, all feature in a performance which subverts hyper-sexualised notions of African and Caribbean dance.

Thursday 13 - Friday 27  May - 19:30.

Grin is a masquerade of dance sculptures where body and costume are accompanied by a pulsating sound score. Conversation around community building, refusals, friendship and support grounds the development of this dynamic dance production, which both holds and is held by a cohort of friends at it’s core.

With a significant focus on black love and other experiences of interiority, this show is essential in considering how we can build empathy and reconstitute networks of solidarity.

‘From its elemental beginnings through to a final tender, spiritual fiesta, Grin is a reminder of why dance matters: it says things with bodies and music that words cannot grasp’ - ★★★★ The List

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