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Fest en Fest / Quarto: Durational Rope at Cambridge Junction

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Time 18:00
Date 11/02/20
Price £2.5

Durational Rope is a performative exploration lasting a couple of hours, in which the artist duo Quarto is using a kilometre long rope to challenge the notion of what a body is capable of.

What is a thing, an object? How does it interact with a body, a subject? A rope, for instance, is one thing if we use it to tie something up or hold it together, and something entirely different if we use it as a whip. Thus, the object in itself does not exist, it is merely a function. In this performance, a 1000-metre rope is manipulated to generate a tension between body and rope through constant motion. The physical exertion, on the verge of the unbearable, gradually peels away our notions of body and object, ego and drama.