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Fest en Fest / H2DANCE: Amplified Edition at the Trinity Laban

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Time 19:30
Date 09/02/20
Price £13

H2DANCE's Amplified Edition explores hierarchy and co-dependency, allowing the elements of the theatre to meet in illogical ways.

In a continuous quest to find new relationships the performers use voice and movement to set the objects in motion, making theatrical topographies, revealing what is usually in the background or hidden.

If the theatre is a space operating to promote imaginary images, then what lies hidden and tacit within that operation? In this work H2DANCE throw light on the fictive materiality at the heart of theatre, allowing us to peek behind the curtain to see that the strings being pulled are always only in turn pulling other strings. Ultimately there is no singular control, just webs of connection, and illusion and reality are knotted in ways that it is never easy to untangle.

Amplified Edition is an interruption in the logic of bringing a story into focus and it follows other threads of consequence to allow objects and performers to exchange their agency in back and forth plays. The choreography fluxes around who is manipulating what and what is manipulating who. Loops of song echo back on themselves, as sound becomes material, and material starts to sing. The objects, actions and mechanics of theatricality are reordered in order to question the ways in which we are seen by each other. In turn this asks how well we know each other, and what the filters of fantasy can do to unsettle this knowing.