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Eva Recacha: Aftermath at Sadler's Wells

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Time 20:00
Date 28/05/20
Price £20

Aftermath is a duet set in limbo, where two women suffer from eternal boredom and lack of acknowledgement. Absurd and humorous, the work is an ode pointlessness.

Thursday 28 and Friday 29 May, 20:00.

It is an attempt to make sense of our time: post-feminism, post-truth, post-humanist. What does this mean for our sense of value, justice, agency, or the lack of? In an imagined world where the only option is to be resilient, what is our motivation for being so?

Aftermath substitutes post-truth for post-time. The characters are dead. No change is possible. No future is waiting. And yet we want to do something, but what?

"The pair heat up to a giddy, edge-of-madness energy reminiscent of early French and Saunders" - The Guardian

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