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Dance Umbrella / Oona Doherty: Hope Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus at The Yard Theatre

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Time 19:30
Date 14/10/19
Price £14

Oona Doherty's solo performance bursts with fury, swagger and humanity, Hope Hunt shatters facades, dismantles stereotypes and finds beauty on the periphery.

Monday 14 - Wednesday 16 October, 19:30.

Adopting multiple personas of disaffected male youth – too often disregarded and stigmatised – Oona Doherty channels aggression, humour, hedonism, joy and despair in quick-fire succession. Fragmented, yet meticulously detailed, her intuitive social portrait vibrates with blistering physical and vocal energy. Gestures, words and utterances combine in a wholly distinctive body language, contorting ideas of masculinity and morality.

Magnificently inventive and uncannily expressive, Doherty’s thumping dance-theatre work invites audiences to look behind the mask of ego and affectation. Having picked up awards at Dublin and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, she makes her London debut with Dance Umbrella.

“It’s riveting and moving, and she’s simply a phenomenal performer” - The Times

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