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Dance Umbrella 2011: TWO THEORIES & DRASTIC-CLASSICISM by Armitage Gone! Dance

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Time 19:45
Date 12/10/11
Price £15

80s wild child returns with the revival of a classic from the punk era and a new work.

Not seen in London since 1985, 80s wild child Karole Armitage returns to the festival with the revival of a classic from the punk era and a new work. Striking, elegant and dramatic, Two Theories: Quantum & String (Excerpts from Three Theories) is performed by the company of ten brilliant dancers, and explores the poetry underlying the pillars of 20th century theoretical physics.
Armitage’s signature work from 1981, Drastic-Classicism, is performed to Rhys Chatham’s clangorous score, played live by five musicians amongst the dancers. When this outrageously high-energy performance premiered in New York 30 years ago, it shocked audiences with its audacity, pairing classical movement with the raw energy of punk’s wall of sound. Today its impact is no less striking.

Meet the Artist: Tue 11 October, after the performance. Free to same-day ticket holders.


Armitage Gone! Dance is also perfoming one show of Watteau Duets at the V&A.

Photo by Julieta Cervantes
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