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Clod Ensemble: Placebo at The Place

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Time 19:30
Date 30/10/18
Price £15

A finely crafted, ambitious, provocative performance, Clod Ensemble's Placebo is an invigorating celebration of the power we have to make ourselves feel better, even when things are falling apart.

Running from: Tue 30 Oct - Sat 10 Nov.

A room full of expectation, suggestion and infectious rhythm.

What is fake and what is real? Is the movement the medicine?

Seven dancers and an audience reckon with the placebo effect – attempting a series of experiments to discover what gives them pleasure and what dulls their pain. Movements are repackaged, distorted, multiplied and abandoned, propelled by a rich original score that sweeps mischievously through euphoric club tracks to classical fugues. Sometimes playful, sometimes brutal, Placebo revels in how even something considered ‘fake’ can have very real consequences.