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Andrew Kerton: MONO E.P: Track 1 at Chisenhale Dance Space

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Time 19:30
Date 20/04/18
Price £5

A collaborative performance by internationally renowned multi-disciplinary artist Andrew Kerton and international DJ, Hannah Holland.

MONO E.P. is involved with amplification. A constant bass line provides the ground upon which a body articulates an experience of itself. A spatial composition emerges as inner/outer physical spaces are connected through vocalization, music, sound and movement. Acknowledging voice as fundamental to communicating and expanding internal experience, language is employed as the body’s potential for amplifying its own cross-modal processes. Somatic awareness predicates this amplification, allowing disjunctive fragments of sensation, emotion, cognition, phenomenological and archetypal experience, to alchemically cohere into an embodied choreography, which plays with physical resonance and amplifies the dimensions of what an embodied practise can be.