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Alka Nauman & Greta Gauhe: Double Bill: NOWhere & Be Fruitful and Multiply at Chisenhale Dance Space

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Time 19:30
Date 30/11/19
Price £5

From environmental crisis to social harassment, emerging choreographers Alka Nauman and Greta Gauhe present a thought- provoking double bill of exciting dance works.

In the first half of the evening “Be fruitful and multiply” by Alka Nauman takes us onto a journey about the ambiguous nature of plastic bags; on their elegance and ugliness, as well as their daunting ability to adopt different forms. The second work “NOWhere” by Greta Gauhe, examines issues of racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. Six dancers from four different countries and two different continents deal with autobiographical experiences in a gripping interplay of performance, spoken word and dance.

Greta Gauhe is a german dance artist, based in London. She is the artistic director of the Follow Through Collective. Her work focuses on social or environmental problems in our society. The company collaborates with artists from various backgrounds in order to combine different art forms on stage, often creating a multichannel experience for the audience.

Alka Nauman is a London based queer choreographer and researcher, originally from Warsaw Poland. Alka’s interdisciplinary practice is shaped around dance, choreography, and live art. In that context, she is interested in questioning her identity, status of power, privilege and sense of belonging. Her works were shown in The Place, London, Propaganda Gallery in Warsaw, Plac Defilad, Warsaw, and Centrum w Ruchu, Warsaw.


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