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Hullo dear Player, here we are with news of some true culture gems, exciting ticket competitions and an offer. Yes! We have a 50% OFF reduction for the current production at the Old Vic, Mike Bartlett's The 47th. We also have tickets for The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble (yes, of Goldfrapp fame); or maybe you're buzzing about the BFI's Gaspar Noé season - we have tickets for dance horror flick Climax with an introduction from the season programmer Anna Bogutskaya! For fans of Channing Tatum, we have tickets for MAGIC MIKE LIVE. Get a load of that!

Scroll and click around the website for more culture highlights, from the audiovisual extravaganza New Rituals: Ryoichi Kurosawa + Nkisi at the Barbican (curated by Estela Oliva). Or get fired up for a topical Wild Card, Layered Reality's The Gunpowder Plot at HRP Tower Vaults... and more!

In our blog, playwright Victoria Willing and director Marie McCarthy, the Artistic Director of Omnibus Theatre are in conversation about their creative process, the passage of time, punk, and their latest joint production, SAD.

And now, introducing our Guest Editor, Olivier award winning Marisa Carnesky, whose latest production, Showwomen will tour the UK before coming to Jackson's Lane (Highgate, London), 16-18 June. 

Many of our readers will know exactly who Marisa Carnesky is, and will no doubt be clicking and scrolling as quick as they can to grab tickets for Showwomen right now. For the Marisa novice, we can best describe her as the High Priestess of Showwomanship. Her latest production is described as 'Spectacle, Danger, Resistance, Leopard Print, Ectoplasm'. In true Carnesky fashion, it'll be layered with historical references to the unsual and taboo, all delivered with wit and surreal panache in collaboration with her troupe of Fancy Chance, Livia Kojo Alour, and Lucifire. 

It's safe to say, Showwomen will be deliciously eye-popping in the best way possible. To find out more, read the feature penned by Marisa, here.

Well, dear player, engage how you can, enjoy, stay safe. We'll write again soon. Bottoms up! x

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