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Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

Run Riot will never get tired of London (or life) but this week we are taking a little jaunt to Brizzle to see what our Guest Editors - arts collective CHAMP - are up to, and to dip our toes into their creative waters. CHAMP's interview about shouting at Theresa May on the telly and the loneliness of being an artist is here. They also cherry pick some cultural highlights from Bristol's thriving arts scene over the next month.

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn! If you missed a newly 'chipper' Jezza on Andrew Marr last week then you can catch up on all the wry eyebrow-raising here. And since we're on the subject of a red wave...RR hero Marisa Carnesky writes for us about her menstrual cabaret Dr Carnesky's Incredible Bleeding Woman. Plus - it's not often we get an interview with Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, so it's exciting to hear from him in an exclusive 6 Music interview where he talks Mungo Jerry, Glastonbury and Suspiria.

For more culture gems and competitions - browse our Offers page. As for the best of the rest - rummage through our genre-bending pages where you'll find plenty of haut happenings.

Here's to wishing you a champion week dear Players! Bisous! RR xx