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The rise, and rise of Woman SRSLY

'Let's face the music and dance' - a charmingly timely lyric, wouldn't you agree?

Our Guest Editor this week is choreographer and producer Grace Nicol, the founder of the creative platform Woman SRSLY (spanning performance, film, art, music). Her project is a year-round programme that celebrates, supports and amplifies female voices.

In Grace's fired up Run-Riot interview she talks about smashing the glass ceiling, and creating a potentially climate changing initiative - embracing mutual support, desire, emancipation, and autonomy.

In our magazine section, Jess Latowicki (Made In China) investigates what's screwed up about social media, pushing the conversation on with her unabashed trademark wit, honesty and showbiz pizazz - ahead of her latest show Super Dupa Close Up.

What do vaginas have to do with German grammar? asks Kesia Guillery, who writes for Run-Riot about her collaboration with William Farquarson (bassist/guitarist with indie band Bastille). Together they're looking at women’s contemporary experience of sexuality and German literature in their show SLUTS as part of Voila! Europe Festival 2018.

For more culture gems and competitions (Foreign Affairs at the Cockpit; Tender Loin #14 by Steakhouse Live at Toynbee Studios; see Gazelle Twin as part of Assembly at Somerset House; and see the film Ethiopiques - Revolt of the Soul at Curzon Soho as part of the Doc'n'Roll Festival) - browse our Offers page. As for the best of the rest - rummage through our genre-bending pages where you'll find plenty of haut happenings.

Here's to wishing you a defiantly disruptive week dear Players! Bottoms up! RR xx