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Radical euphoria

You may not think you have ever seen any performance art, but you almost certainly have. Its influence is pervasive, not just on other artforms but on popular culture. It's the Petri dish for tomorrow's pop.

Born out of the Occupy movement, grew a community of experimental artists calling themselves ]performance s p a c e [.

This August, the collective celebrate their 10-year anniversary. Run-Riot invites the Assistant Director and performance artist, Joseph Morgan Schofield to be our Guest Editor.

The celebrations include a bold photography exhibition, plus a 10-hour duration performance. For anyone seeking the frontline of experimental culture, read the interview with Joseph Morgan Schofield here.

Other Run-Riot interviews and features from performance artist Poppy Jackson; curator Olga Tarasova; and writer/actor babirye 'babs' bukilwa.

There's a timely production coming up, set against the backdrop of growing far-right nationalism taking place at The Kit Kat Club. Yah! It's Cabaret, starring Eddie Redmayne (Emcee) and Jessie Buckley (Sally Bowles). More here.

What else? We're giving tickets away to see the iconic band The Sparks, go to the worlds biggest fetish club Torture Garden, or see Uganda's Kampire party starter!

Leave your troubles outside! We'll write again soon. Bottoms up! Jamie x

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