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Objects of Desire

Our Guest Editor this week is artist Sophie Teh.

Architect turned painter and textile artist Sophie Teh was born in Ipoh, Malaysia and currently lives in Barcelona. This week Sophie unveiled her latest work, Objects of Desire, at The Smallest Gallery In Soho (62 Dean Street, London). 

Sophie created Objects of Desire, part in response to the Stop Asian Hate movement, but also in part playing homage to the symbolism of the The Smallest Gallery In Soho's location - bang in the heart of Soho (with a few red lights still flickering), and in sniffing distance to Chinatown. Her work teases with innuendo, poking at the Asian sausages on display in local restaurant windows. But it also address the perception of the Asian female as a hyper-sexualised being to the Western gaze. 

The work is on display 24/7 until 23 January 2022, and was curated by Philip Levine and Andreia Costa (the gallery is owned by advertising icon, Sir John Hegarty). 

In Sophie's Run Riot Interview with writer Eli Goldstone, they chat about  the fetishisation of the Asian woman’s body, turning to art later in life, architecture, the notion of 'home', and Sophie's go-to Chinatown tip for foodies!

Well, dear player, engage how you can, enjoy, stay safe. We'll write again soon. Bottoms up! Jamie x

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